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Ukrainian brand under which motor oils, technical fluids and lubricants are manufactured. The production is located in Poltava. We have our own complex of production, packing and storage of lubricants with a volume of 1,500,000 liters, and the production and packingcapacity reaches 100,000 liters per day. The products are made of high-quality base oils and carefully selected refining additives, so they meet the requirements of well-known car manufacturers and technological standards. Vira is manufactured under the close supervision of specialists of the GPL group of companies, which has been distributing lubricants and technical fluids throughout Ukraine for more than 25 years. We love our business, so we care about the quality of products. We guarantee that the contents of the canister correspond to the contents of the label. The brand strategy is "airproduct". Buying Vira products means being sure that you get exactly what you pay for – a quality product at an affordable price.
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Oils, technical liquids

Leader among aerosol paints in the construction and automotive market segments in Ukraine. The brand has 5 product lines: universal enamels, automotive enamels, varnishes and primers, special purpose enamels (fluorescent, high-temperature, for ceramics, household appliances and others). We offer a solution that will make the process of applying enamel easy, safe and effective. We confirm the quality of our reputation. You can find MITKA brand products in construction, automotive and department stores, supermarkets, markets and online stores. The brand has received prestigious awards in the world of design: Red Dot Design Award (Germany), gold Dieline Awards 2021 (America), the only yellow pencil in Ukraine D&D (Britain).
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Aerosol enamel

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