Group of companies specialized in production, distribution and selling the oils, technical oils and auto parts for the light vehicles and trucks.



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About the GPL Company

GPL is a group of companies that carries out activities in production, distribution and selling the oils as well as technical oils, spare parts and accessories for the light vehicles and trucks.
We conduct our activities within B2B sphere and sell our products to the final consumers (B2C). Our clients are the commercial-industrial enterprises, agribusinesses, corporate clients, state and communal enterprises, networks of the petrol stations, vehicle servicing points, booking desks, online shops, supermarkets, car shops.

Additionally we work within the following areas:

  • - we have our own light vehicle and truck's service points throughout Ukraine;
  • - have our own retail autoshop chain;
  • - provide legal support;
  • - architecture and design services;
  • - recycling services;
  • - customs and broker services.


NOVEMBER 7, 1996

The company's activities were started with putting into operation of a packing oil and lubricating material workshop in the city of Poltava. The company consisted of 8 workers. The first clients of the company were the automobile dealers as well as market vendors and the final consumers.

JULY, 1999

The Company acted as an investor for the construction of the Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant - one of the largest enterprises all over Ukraine specialized in production and selling of technical oil for the automobile industry. The Company's products are being exported more to 50 countries worldwide.

March, 2001

Opening of the representative office in Kharkiv

February, 2002

Construction and putting into operation of the logistics center in Poltava.

April, 2003

The announcement of the joint venture with the Valmin company, a large spare parts' distributors. Initiating work in new regions - trading of the spare parts in the Central and Eastern Ukraine.


Launching of the production, packing and storage complex of the lubricating materials with the cumulative turnover of the materials of 30 000 tons/year

April 7, 2006

The inauguration of the largest autocenter " Autokhimcomplekt" (Ukraine) specialized in buying/selling of the vehicles, spare parts, autochemistry as well as auto service points.

April 7, 2007

The inauguration of the second autocenter "Autokhimcomplekt" in Kreminchuh, which features with the provision of professional servicres within the painting services.


The inauguration of new logistics center in Poltava.


The inauguration of the unique repair complex designed for the light vehicles and trucks No. 1 in Ukraine, which operates within 6 directions of service: the light vehicle repair shop, truck repair shop, premium vehicles services, certified technical examination, carwash (light vehicles and trucks).


Launching of the logistics office center in Boryspil.


Nowadays, the company focuses on continuous personnel development, search for new approcahes and methods within cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign partners.

We provide delivery
services throughout Ukraine.

The locations of the logistics centers:

Poltava, 70 B Polovki str.
Kremincuh, 119 Lesia Ukrainka ave.
Kharkiv, 3 Lozovenkivskyi ave.
Boryspil, 38a Zaporizhska str.
st. Industrial 1, Island, Ternopil region


Mon-Fri / 09.00 a.m.-18.00 p.m.

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